Recstarverse was developed by recstarmovies LLC who created the first digital reality of the metaverse related to movies


Terms and conditions



Terms and conditions

These Oculus Store Terms (“Store Terms” or “Terms”) apply to every offer, order, purchase or download made, completed or enjoyed through the Recstarverse site. By accessing an offer or placing an order, download or purchase of any products, apps or content offered by the Store (“Products”), you agree to be bound by these Store Terms. To the extent these Store Terms conflict with Rec VR’s Terms of Use or Rec’s Supplemental Terms of Use, these Store Terms apply.


The user can place an order by clicking on the pre-order or purchase button located in different sections of the Store depending on the Products chosen. While placing your order, you may be asked to provide some or all of the following information: name, e-mail address, billing address and other information required by law. If you purchase a Gift (defined below), you must also provide us with the recipient’s information. You represent and warrant that such information will be accurate and complete. You are responsible for ensuring that your account information (including contact and shipping details) is always up to date in the Store. For orders waiting to be shipped, it is possible to update the information at any time before shipment by contacting Customer Service at the contacts indicated at the email address Recstarmovies LLC will not receive payments for the purchase of Products until Acceptance of the order (defined below).

After placing an order for a physical Product, for example for a device or accessory (“Physical Products”), you may receive a communication from us informing you of the receipt and / or processing of your order ( “Acknowledgment of the order”). Please note that your Order Acknowledgment does not imply your acceptance. The acceptance of the order will be confirmed by sending a communication confirming the processing of the order and / or the dispatch of the Products purchased, if applicable (“Order Acceptance”). Before placing an order or purchase, the Store may indicate the estimated delivery times for the arrival of the product to the specified delivery address. Delivery dates or times indicated by us (or by a courier) are only an estimate and not a guarantee. The risk of loss or damage to the physical Products purchased is transferred to you upon delivery. For digital Products, including Gifts and Subscriptions (as defined below), Order Acceptance will occur automatically immediately after payment is processed. The download of Digital Products ordered by you will begin as soon as your device is online and any previously initiated downloads have been completed. You will receive a receipt for your order for Digital Products, Gifts and Subscriptions by email.


It is possible to make pre-orders in the Store before the launch of a new Product. The price of the pre-order Products is indicated when the user places his pre-order and may not include the related taxes and shipping costs. Placing a pre-order does not guarantee the acceptance of the order, nor the delivery of the Products.

When the pre-ordered Products are ready to be shipped or delivered, we will contact you to provide you with the purchase confirmation (including shipping charges and applicable taxes). This communication will constitute Order Acceptance for pre-ordered Products and payment for said Products will be collected at the time of Order Acceptance.


Garantiamo la qualità dei nostri Prodotti fisici. L’utente può avere ulteriori diritti ai sensi della legge applicabile.


The user has the right to return the physical Products within 30 days from the date of receipt of the same, without indicating any specific reason. This right does not apply to Physical Products that we claim are non-returnable, including any Physical Products that are customized or modified according to your instructions. Physical Products must be returned in their entirety and in their original packaging, together with the relevant proof of purchase (for example, a copy of your receipt) and, unless these are non-compliant or defective, you will be responsible for any costs of returning physical Products to Recstarmovies LLC. If, upon return, we determine that the physical Products have been used, damaged, are missing some components and / or are in no condition to be resold, we reserve the right to charge you a restocking fee. or to otherwise reduce the amount of the refund taking into account the use, damage or missing components in question. If a physical Product purchased within a Product group is returned, but not all Physical Products in the group, we will refund you the physical Product returned less the value of the applicable group discount. We will make such a refund using the same payment method used by the user for the initial purchase, unless otherwise expressly agreed with the user. In any case, the user will not bear any costs as a result of this refund. Refunds may be suspended until Physical Products are returned or until you provide proof of return, whichever comes first.

To return a physical Product, the user must inform us of the decision within 30 days of receipt of the Product by contacting support The user must return the physical Products without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the day on which has informed us of its decision to make the return.

You may also have the right to return non-compliant or defective physical Products covered by our limited warranty, as set forth in the Product Warranty.


To the extent that Recstarmovies LLC processes any personal information for the completion of the orders, purchases or downloads described in these Terms, which is the data controller for the Store (and with respect to any personal information collected in connection with any order carried out subject to these Conditions). Consequently, any personal information provided by the user for this purpose is treated according to the legislation. Recstarmovies LLC may transmit your personal information to a third party (for example to finalize payment and shipping). If the user submits information or places an order as a guest in the Store, Recstarmovies LLC may store such information to use for the processing of the user’s order, to provide assistance and any marketing communications that the user chooses to receive from Recstarmovies LLC or our affiliated companies.


If your purchase is subject to use or sales taxes, duties or other governmental taxes or duties (“Taxes”), we may charge you for the amount provided for by such taxes. Depending on the shipping destination, the applicable Taxes may be shown upon completion of the purchase. You are responsible for the Taxes due in connection with your purchase of the Products.


For any questions or concerns regarding these Conditions or our Store, the user can contact us by e-mail at